TUESDAY, August 4th

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Week 2 Class

Financial Wellness: Path To A Better Future

  • Create your own financial plan
  • Build an emergency fund​
  • Reduce your financial stress by 90%
  • STOP worrying about money
  • START living life to the fullest

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*Limited time offer. The Bootcamp is held purely for educational purposes to build stronger families and communities. It is not a sales presentation and not an offer to start or join a new business or venture. You will create and grade your own financial plan through 12 homework assignments.

Bootcamp will start in:


Are you financially stressed and think Financial Plan is complicated and expensive?

Have you lost you job or worry about financial future of your family in today's unstable economy?

Have you always wanted to secure your financial future but never had enough time?

Wallio Financial Wellness Bootcamp is for YOU!

Educational, engaging, and motivational bootcamp designed to bring Financial Wellness to you and your family. Learn 90% of everything you need to know about money in one class. Create your own financial plan and eliminate financial stress from your life.

What is it about?
During this Bootcamp you will learn how to:

  • - Implement our simple and unique 3-step method of how get full control over your financial situation.
  • - Save and protect your money in current economy while keeping a comfort of your lifestyle
  • - Build your own effective Financial Plan as easy as 1-2-3
  • - Replace poor financial habits in 3 months
  • - Plan you dream retirement
  • ...And more!

Coaching team

Mattew Michaelson

Financial planner

I believe professional financial planning should be accessible to every family.

Jordan Fuller

Financial Educator

I believe financial education is more critical to success than a high paying job and should be available to everyone.

Bill Quinn

Retirement expert

I believe all financial services rich people use to build their wealth should be equally available to all.

One exercise a week you will master how to

Week 1

Be financially well

Week 2

Start growing your money

Week 3

Budget the easy way

Week 4

Find the money you didn't know you have

Week 5

Get rid of debt

Week 6

Build an emergency fund

Week 7

Protect your income

Week 8

Protect everything you have

Week 9

Build your retirement income

Week 10

Maximize and guarantee retirement

Week 11

Afford Long term care

Week 12

Build and pass generational wealth

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