You need an estate planning if you answer ‘no’ to any below questions:

  • Are you comfortable with the state deciding what happens to you and your most important possessions?

  • Should something happen to you, have you specified who will take care of your children?

  • Do you want your children to control their inheritance when they turn 18?

  • Did you know when your children turn 18, you no longer have access to medical records or influence over their medical decisions unless they provide legal documentation?

  • If something happens to you, do you know who will make healthcare and life decisions for you?

  • Have you completed a HIPAA form so select members of your family (including your spouse) will have access to your medical info?

  • Have you or loved ones completed an Advance Directive/Living Will to acknowledge your intentions about life support?

  • Should you become incapacitated, have you identified who will handle your financial and legal affairs?

  • Have you specified how your estate will be distributed?

  • Do you want your family going through a lengthy, public process known as probate at the time of your death?

The number one reason you need a living trust (part of estate planning) for is to avoid probate! During the probate period, all your assets will be frozen, which means your family might not even have access to resources to do a proper farewell for you! The process can last several years and a big chunk of your assets will go to lawyers assigned to the case rather than your family.

If you were planning to get a living trust, but procrastinating because of its costs – now is the time!

It is better to be 5 years too early than 5 minutes too late!

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