Financial wellness of workforce

Financial stress is the TOP cause of stress for American workers. Stressed employees have low morale, work distracted, unproductive, twice as often call in sick and change jobs. Sixteen workdays a year lost per employee because of money stress. The cost to your business is…

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Our program empowers your employees with financial education, tools and resources, helps each employee better understand their finances, plan their future. We alleviate financial stress to decrease turnover rates, increase productivity, raise loyalty, morale and ultimately improve your company competitiveness…

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Financial stress of employees costs $300B a year to the economy of the United States! We built an estimator to help you estimate costs to your business and benefits of our financial wellness program.


Most of the available financial wellness programs on the market target large corporations. Smaller businesses left behind. Often, however, the term “financial wellness” simply refers to financial education, which focuses on the delivery of information about financial products through seminars or self-study materials only.

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Companies with best wellness programs performed 300% better than S&P 500 since 2000.

Build your company’s reputation for caring about employees and improve bottomline by implementing a financial wellness program.

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