Our program is shown to improve retention rates, employee morale, employee performance, employer appreciation. These improvements reduce costs in a number of areas that positively impact your company’s bottom line.
Financial stress is one single biggest stress of employees, bigger than all other stresses combined. It is also the number one reason for family conflicts and divorces.  People jump jobs frequently looking for more money. Our program alleviates financial stress without raising salary. A satisfied and happy employee is less prone to change the job.
Statistically, your employees need it. To get hard evidence, we will launch an anonymous employee survey with your workforce and analyze results together. You will be able to make data-driven decision.

Yes, people do want more money. More money is the only way they know to solve financial stress. However, more money only gives temporary relief which fades away quickly. The real solution is new habits and a different attitude toward money. We help to establish new habits, change attitude and we do find more money for your employees: the money they don’t know they have overpaying taxes and bills.

You are not responsible for financial decisions your employees are making today, the program is not changing that. You are enabling your employees to make better financial decisions with the help of a licensed financial professional. Our licensed financial professionals certified and checked by the government and fully liable for malpractice according to any government regulations. Compare it to health insurance you may be provided to your employees – you are not responsible for medical recommendations a doctor makes.

Our program designed to cover a wide variety of needs. Some employees are suffering from financial stress and jump from one financial emergency to another, some struggle with debt, while some mostly in control but need more security. Some level of financial security can be achieved by absolutely everyone. An individual financial plan is a journey to bring a family to financial security regardless of where they are currently.
Not every employee will take advantage of the program. People are people and they have their reasons. Some need more evidence, some need more trust, some need more time. We will do our best to involve as many employees as we can throughout the program. The annual program performance report will make program utilization transparent to you.
The duration of the program is one year. It does take time to run surveys, group coaching sessions, provide personalized plan to every employee at their schedule and develop new habits. There is no bound contract, you can cancel any time.

Once a year we prepare and share performance report with you. The report outlines behavioral change of employees, program utilization, improvement in financial wellness score of your workforce along with feedback from employees. As for your company’s bottom line, we encourage you to track retention rate before and after. Retaining just one employee over the course of the year most likely will cover program costs many times over.

The program costs $10 per month per employee flat. $10 is an all-inclusive price that grants all your employees access to 100% of the program features and benefits. If you chose to pay in annual installments, the price would be $100 per year per employee. 

For your information, just a financial plan on the market costs $500 – $1500 depending on location.

We can do such special accommodations on a case by case basis. Generally, we avoid doing so for the following reasons:

  1. It creates a case for workforce discrimination.
  2. Inclusive program (available to all employees) demonstrated to perform better than exclusive (for selected employees).
  3. By the definition, to be compliant, Financial Wellness should be equally available to all company employees not some.
  4. It creates management overhead for both you and us.

We believe absolutely every employee matters and deserves equal, unbiased access to the benefits provided by the program. At Wallio we are wholeheartedly against any kind of workforce discrimination and for equal opportunities for all. This is why we offer equal access to all employees at an incredibly low, flat, all-inclusive price.

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