The program starts with a conduct financial needs assessment anonymous survey among your employees to determine most important financial challenges. Based on the results, we calculate the financial wellness score of your workforce. The score indicates if your workforce suffering, struggling, stabilizing, sustaining or secure. The survey provides you actionable insights and helps us to create a remediation plan. The ultimate goal of our program is to move the financial wellness score of your workforce to ‘secure’ range. Once we analyze the survey results and discover the most common specific financial challenge  of your employees we will present you result.


Taking into account survey results we create customized Hot Topic Webinar to address the most common financial challenges of your employees. During the webinar we will cover in full chosen topic specific to employees’ needs and answer all kind of financial planning related questions. The goal is to motivate employees to get involved with their money and become active participants of the program.

Financial Wellness bootcamp

Our financial educators organize and run three online or offline 12-week Financial wellness bootcamp. This is interactive, engaging, and creative event that is carefully designed to bring the biggest value to your employees. Besides financial education, we strive to build a stronger team bond, comradery, and change victimized mindset. 

financial plan

Each and every employee gets a personal financial plan. We analyze individual situation in three major categories: Today, Tomorrow, Future. Starting from family debt and budgeting our plan spans through retirement and wealth transfer. We also provide an app to help budget, track progress toward financial goals, stay in touch and stay motivated. 


Personal support

We enable your employees to succeed and provide a helping hand all the way through their financial journey. Unlimited, all inclusive access to financial professionals, weekly classes, workshops, financial tools, calculators, educational materials, seasonal hints, tips and more available to each and every employee. Early alert system helps us to catch falling family early on and help them get back on track.

Annual review

Once a year we reflect on the program performance and benefits achieved. Annual program efficacy report outlines behavioral change of employees, program utilization, improvement in financial wellness score of your workforce along with employee feedback. We make it easy and transparent for you to assess return on investment and make a data-driven decision.

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