Driven by profits, most of the available financial wellness programs on the market target large corporations. Smaller businesses left behind. Often, however, the term “financial wellness” simply refers to financial education, which focuses on the delivery of information about financial products through seminars or self-study materials only. We are different!


Technology can do a lot nowadays, however, it cannot do the most critical task – be a human. Technology cannot sit in front of a family, look into their eyes, understand unique issues family is going through, support and be there as a holding hand and a friend. Wallio is the only program supporting your employees on the ground face to face when they need it.

Behaviour changing tool

Study shows information alone does not bridge the gap for struggling employees. Education should be coupled with tools, products and helping hand that encourage behavior change. Our program is the only one on the marketplace providing a behaviour changing tool. We actually change financial habits, not just educate.



We take care of your people end-to-end. Education, planning, support, holding hand on their journey and financial services when and if they need it. We partner with largest in the nation network of brokers and licenced to broker any kind of financial services for your people or your business from almost any provider. We work with A-rated companies only and act as fiduciary.

no management overhead

No need to hire another ‘officer’ to manage overhead. There is no overhead. We run the program end-to-end and do all management for you. All you need to do is review annual performance report to acknowledge impact you made to families and your business.

designed for your business

Efficacious, all-inclusive, simple and cost-effective – the program is designed for small and growing businesses like yours. It is like hiring a team to keep your attrition rates lower and employees happy at a fraction of a cost. We keep your people happy, you spend more time running your business or enjoying life to yourself.
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