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Final expense – Wallio: stop worrying about money

You can’t predict life’s outcome but you can PREPARE for it.

We are all mortal. Time comes when we all have to deal with loss of loved ones. During this time of grief, sorrow, family gatherings and memories, we also have to deal with all kind of funeral arrangements, cost negotiation, and making hard decisions, unless funeral arrangements have been made ahead of time.

A lot of people die sooner than expected. Everyone knows a story about someone who died before their time or died in an unpredictable and strange way. Ask their family how did they like last minute funeral arrangements processing and how much it cost them? You’ll be surprised.

Families have many concerns when it comes to a final expense. The top concerns are:

  1. Not being able afford it

  2. Not knowing where to start

  3. Fearing of being taken advantage of

A lot of families come unprepared to these moments and find themselves indeed taken advantage of. No wonder, the whole industry is not designed to accommodate our new lifestyle. Traditionally funeral arrangement means to “lock in” consumer into a singular funeral home with very expensive product and limited information. Only 15% of funeral home consolidated after 35+ years which mean the industry haven’t really changed much in 50 years. There is no national brand for funeral home!


The answer is “now”.

Today, for the first time in the history of funeral industry we have a solution that is not “locking” you into single selected funeral home with limited set of services and no flexibility. Today we have the first nationwide planning and concierge service rolled into a life insurance plan! It is called Everest.

  1. Everest can save families thousand of dollars compared to planning with a funeral home directly.

  2. Everest Advisors provide families access to unbiased third-party advice and someone who execute all the details per client request.

  3. Everest independent advocates work for the client, not for the funeral home.

When help is needed, Everest Advisors are one phone call away 24/7, ready to personalize the funeral plan, compare and negotiate best prices, and work with the insurance company to get moneys to the beneficiary in as little as 48 hours after death. All benefits are tax-free!

Everest advantage is that you are not locked in into 1 home or 1 type of plan. You can pre plan based on your need and you can save thousands of dollars.

Everest is a very simple product. You don’t have to do any medical exams, instead, you might just need to answer some simple questions.

Everest works worldwide. Once you made proper funeral planning you don’t have to worry about it in any part of the world!

When you lose a loved one and step up to start planning for the funeral there is dozens of decisions that have to be made. In fact, there is  approximately 85 things to plan around a funeral! Who is gonna make all those decisions? You don’t have to make them alone. What if you had someone who helped you through the process? That’s what Everest does.


We all need to plan for our funeral. At some point in our life, whether directly or indirectly, we will have to confront the difficult financial and emotional decisions of having a funeral planned.

Some people have a clear idea of how they want their funeral or burial to be, while other individuals do not care one way or another. Whether you have the perfect funeral planned or simply do not care what happens to your body after you die, it is still important to note that any type of funeral that is planned for you will not be cheap.

If your family is faced with paying unexpected bills after you pass away, it could cause them to have to make difficult financial decisions that they are likely not ready for. The emotional toll on those you leave behind will already be high. There is no reason they should have to worry about financial things, too. Why add to the stress and sadness they’re already feeling? Knowing that all your final expenses are taken care of will make the whole process a lot smoother.

We all love our families. It’s never too late to take care about them in any possible way.

Ready to try Everest or have any questions?

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