Families with a proper financial plan have $1.2M more in retirement than families without a plan. Planners have less debt, more savings, higher disposable income, better quality of life, and retire earlier. Schedule an initial call with us to kickstart yours. 

Why you need it

You need a financial plan if you answered ‘Yes’ to any of the below questions:

  • Do you live paycheck-to-paycheck?
  • Do you stress to manage credit cards and debt?
  • Do you stress managing your bills?
  • Have you unsuccessfully tried to build an emergency fund?
  • Do you struggle to start saving for retirement?
  • Are you planning to save for child education?
  • Do you want to save for a major purchase?
  • Do you plan to support elderly parents?
  • Are you expecting to work for money in your retirement?
  • Do you agree social security is not enough to support your retirement?

What to expect

Step 1: Connect

During the initial discovery phone call, we will learn about your particular situation, goals, and needs. We will assess the most beneficial course of action for you and we will set you up for a session with a planner if you decide to proceed.

Step 2: Intake

Interactive face-to-face or zoom session with a planner. During the session you will learn what is your disposable income, if you are overpaying bills, how to get out of debt or save for your next big thing, all about your emergency fund, insurance needs and what you retirement income gonna be. As you enjoy a series of AHA moments, we collect all information we need to create your plan.

Step 3: Plan

We present you the plan. You will learn your financial wellness score and actions you should take to improve it to become more secure. We will find money you don’t know you have to increase your disposable income or maximize your long-term goals. What are your dreams and goals? This is the moment when it all becomes real. 

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