The personal financial plan is based on the analysis of the individual financial situation in three major categories: Today, Tomorrow, Future. Categories are self-descriptive and their names aligned with the purpose. “Today” category assesses how well family deals with their money flows right now, today. “Tomorrow” category looks into how well family is prepared to maintain the same lifestyle in the nearest future, tomorrow, in case of possible temporary adversity. “Future” category looks into the far future, retirement. These three simple categories cover the majority of possible common life scenarios and bring simplicity to understanding complicated financial services and strategies.


Financial decisions you are making today are foundational and have the biggest impact on your future life. Right financial habits today, reinforced by wise and forward-looking decisions are building blocks of your great financial future. This category is crucial and this is why it is scored higher than any other.​


In this category we assess your readiness to maintain today’s lifestyle should an unexpected happen tomorrow. Nobody knows what tomorrow brings, but with proper protection in place, you can sleep well and not worry about possible market downturns, possible loss of income, or predatory lawsuit.


In this category, we assess your readiness to maintain today’s lifestyle when you stop working. We assess if you are on track to create a nest egg to draw from or build assets to generate the required income during your retirement years.​
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