The personal financial plan is based on the analysis of the individual financial situation in three major categories: Today, Tomorrow, Future. Categories are self-descriptive and their names aligned with the purpose. “Today” category assesses how well family deals with their money flows right now, today. “Tomorrow” category looks into how well family is prepared to maintain the same lifestyle in the nearest future, tomorrow, in case of possible temporary adversity. “Future” category looks into the far future, retirement. These three simple categories cover the majority of possible common life scenarios and bring simplicity to understanding complicated financial services and strategies.


Financial decisions you are making today are foundational and have the biggest impact on your future life. Right financial habits today, reinforced by wise and forward-looking decisions are building blocks of your great financial future. This category is crucial and this is why it is scored higher than any other.​

We review your debt in detail and recommend measures to improve loan efficiency and create a debt elimination plan. We have access to a knowledge-base of today’s rates and work with several partners to help you lower payments, restructure debt or even forgive it altogether if it is right for you. We also educate and recommend one of a few debt repayment strategies that fit your lifestyle.

We work together to review your bills in detail, find out and eliminate non-essential expenses. We have access to a knowledge-base and know how much you should be paying rather than what you are actually paying. Some bills may be renegotiable with the service provider. We work with an agency that may re-negotiate such bills down on your behalf. Our goal is to find money that doesn’t work and to put them to work.

We find unnecessary and usually avoidable fees that add up. We review insurance policy deductibles and find options to lower premiums. Were applicable we replace insurance policies with similar but greater benefits yet smaller premiums. Seemingly small amounts redirected and reinvested compound to significant amounts over time.

We teach proven strategy to stay on budget stress-free. We provide, configure and train you on tools to be always on top of your finances and prevent accidental or emotional overspending. Spending should be always guilt free. Stop worry about money.

We review the possibility to redirect money over-funded to tax liability to improve your cash flow. Optionally we review tax avoidance strategies currently in place and provide recommendations to maximize benefits. If there is no tax avoidance strategy in place, we educate on options and help to implement a strategy. We believe truly everyone has to pay taxes, but regular people should not pay more than rich people do.


In this category we assess your readiness to maintain today’s lifestyle should an unexpected happen tomorrow. Nobody knows what tomorrow brings, but with proper protection in place, you can sleep well and not worry about possible market downturns, possible loss of income, or predatory lawsuit.
An emergency fund is an account for funds set aside to cover adversity should one arise, such as the loss of a job, a debilitating illness or a major repair to your home. We calculate the required emergency fund amount and teach a proven strategy to grow your emergency fund stress-free. We provide, configure and train you on tools to be always on top of your budget and emergency fund.
We protect anything that brings income into the family: businesses, breadwinners, cash generating assets. We calculate insurance amount your family needs in case of losing an income using a DIME method. We have a direct access to a dozen of A-rated companies who are competing to get your business. We work with you to educate on available life insurance types, options, riders, recommend and procure what is right for your unique situation.
We help families to create a will and a living trust which are required for everyone to avoid probate and avoid losing wealth to government and lawyers. Also, we teach strategies to secure equity in assets to avoid losing it to an eventual market downturn or predatory claims.


In this category, we assess your readiness to maintain today’s lifestyle when you stop working. We assess if you are on track to create a nest egg to draw from or build assets to generate the required income during your retirement years.​
We review your today’s cash-flow and project your future required cash-flow, estimate your life expectancy, length of retirement period, and calculate required future income. We review your investments and assets, estimate future income, adjust that for social security benefit, future taxes, investment growth, and inflation.
We assess the probability to lose your projected retirement assets or savings due to market downturns or other perils and recommend strategies to secure and guarantee your retirement income. Future cash flow should last guaranteed as long as we are alive.
Investing in the education of our children is an investment in the future. Our children will make this country run when we are enjoying retirement and will be there for us when we need it. We review if you are on track to provide quality education to your children and if you are protecting your children from a burden in case you cannot take care of yourself anymore. Did you know 3 out of 5 women will need long term care in their life?
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