The Million Dollar Baby is a program responsible parents or grandparents set up for their kids or grandkids. It is a lifetime program that sets children on a track of wealth early on and helps them to be ahead of their competition in life financially.

If you truly love your child, you should set him or her up for life with the Million Dollar Baby program starting as low as $100 a month. Your loved one will thank you in the future for your forward thinking and tangible care.


The mind-blowing power of the program is based on the compound interest. Which means the sooner you start the bigger results could be achieved with a smaller investment. Do it now, every year of procrastination takes thousands of dollars away from your child!


The program is known as a Swiss army knife for almost all future financial needs of your child. If started early enough, thanks to the power of compound interest, it has a potential to grow to a full implementation of an Infinite Banking Concept where you can draw a money tax free for:

  • College funds

  • Down payment on a home

  • Starting a business

  • Investment opportunities

  • Medical needs

  • Charity

  • Retirement

  • Generational wealth

and it comes with a lifetime protection against adversities:

  • Market downturns

  • Creditors and bankruptcies

  • Lawsuits

  • Health and illness issues

  • Death


The program to conservatively achieve a one million dollar promise for your child starts with an investment of $100 a month. It is up to you how much to invest and you can change it anytime. You stay in the full control of the program, investment levels, and distributions as long as you want. Ownership could be handed to the child at any time, tax-free, after they turn 18. After your child inherited the program, he can continue investing as much as he wants, as long as he wants. It is his own bank and it is up to him to decide how to use it to get maximum out of life. Isn’t it incredible!

Your kids neither have own money to invest nor they understand how money works yet. It is your responsibility to start early on their behalf to fully exercise the power of compound interest.

You do it for them today, they return you a favor, compounded, in the future!

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