Someone makes millions and unhappy. Someone makes just enough to make ends meet and happy. Financial wellness is not about the amount of money you make. It is about you! Use our sustainable method to get certainty, stop worrying about money, and become financially well.

Step 1: the App

Wallio app will guide you through the journey to financial wellness. It will budget and save for you automatically, create your financial plan, model your retirement and keep you on track all around. The app is the key to success.

Step 2: the Bootcamp

Complete 12 lessons financial Bootcamp to learn 80% of all you’d ever need to know about money. Complete 12 homework assignments to create your personal financial plan.

Step 3: the Plan

Submit your personal financial plan for review with our team of experts. Commit to it, stick to it, succeed in it.

Enjoy life to the fullest


Financial wellness for employees

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